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Australian distributor of Rolly Tasker Sails
Agents for Nautilas Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance Application Form

(Director is not sufficient)

Particulars of Vessel

Many craft built before 1999 do not have a serial number. If this information is not readily to hand, or is not displayed on a plaque next to the dash panel, then the vessel may not have been allocated a production or serial number.
If Yes was it converted by professional or amateur? Give full details of conversion and by whom, with date:-

Particulars of Engine(s)

Engine 1 details

* Theft cover for outboards will not apply without a serial number.

Engine 2 details

* Theft cover for outboards will not apply without a serial number.

Engine 3 details

* Theft cover for outboards will not apply without a serial number.
Are outboards permanently locked to transom or stored in locked premises when not in use?
Maximum designed speed of vessel - specify calibration.(If over 17 knots, please note the contents of the Speed Boat Clauses )

Are the following areas fitted with an automatic or remote fire extinguishing system?

State the number of fire extinguishers carried

Gas System

If liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is used, is the:-

Cruising Range

Please give full details of the cruising range required

Do you require cover for:

state Yes or No for each question)
As indemnity is based on the value of the vessel if you require Third Party only please state the value of the vessel in the comments section.
Named Wind Storm / Cyclone cover - which is available only at inception or renewal of the policy YOU CAN NOT ADD THIS COVER LATER.

Details of mooring

Sums to be Insured

Enter numbers only!
The Hull/Machinery Sum Insured is the value of the craft including all of the standard kit (e.g. Cookers, soft Furnishings, etc.). If you have just bought the craft, this is invariably the price you have just paid. Any additional items that you add to the craft should be listed separately under the headings of "Personal Effects" and "Navigation Equipment", Etc.
(Maximum £75 any item unless specified)
Mast/Spars/Sails/Standing and Running Rigging (if racing risk required)
(Maximum £75 any item unless specified)
No Claims Bonus entitlement (evidence required)


(if yes please give details)
I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information given to you on this form is true in every respect. I also declare that if anything on this form was entered by another person, he/she acted as my agent for this purpose. I agree that this proposal and declaration shall be the basis of the Contract between me and the Northernreef Insurance Company SA (the company).. Note: Submitting this form does not bind the proposer to complete this insurance. The Company reserves the right to decline any proposal. The Proposer should keep a record of all information supplied to the Insurer for the purpose of entering into the Contract, and a copy of this Proposal will be supplied on request, within a period of three months after completion.


Must be completed on all Blue Water and Caribbean cruising and where requested. - Please provide us with the following information and then sign the bottom of this form and return to our office. This document will form part of the policy conditions.
Name of insured
Boat name
What arrangements have you made and what will you do to safeguard the vessel in the event of a Severe Storm Tropical Storm Hurricane Cyclone or Typhoon (named or not) warning being issued? Please provide specific information and state what additional anchors/lines will be deployed, items removed etc.
Where will your vessel be kept or moved to in such an event?
What alternative arrangements have you made if your original plans become unworkable?
Who, if other than yourself, will be responsible for preparing your vessel for a storm?
Have you ever had to prepare for such an event before?
When and where?
It is understood and agreed that in the event of a SSTSHCT warning, I/We will make every reasonable effort to safeguard the vessel and/or its equipment, including but not limited to removing/stowing of sails, bimini cover, loose items, outriggers and antennas.


Check with:-(but not limited to)
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    National Hurricane Center
    National Weather Service Forecast Office
    Australian Bureau of Meteorology/Perth, Darwin or Brisbane
    Central Pacific Hurricane Center
    Indonesian Agency for Meteorology
    Papau New Guinea
    Fiji Meteorological Service
    Meteorological Service New Zealand/Wellington
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) issues 4 tropical cyclone forecasts/advisory messages (TCM) per day when a system is active. The risk analysis needs to be done in conjunction with each new TCM to ensure the owner/skipper is evaluating the latest information to make decisions to safeguard the vessel. Constant monitoring of potential and continual risk analysis, to minimize the "storms" impact to your vessel at sea, in port or at anchor is essential. The owner/skipper should limit potential damage to the vessel and will be required to provide such information as to exactly what steps were taken in this regard to underwriters in the event of a claim.

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Marine Insurance

Welcome to our Marine Insurance section. As agents for Nautilas Marine Third Party only as is required by Marina operators is available.

Full Comprehensive Cover which includes Third Party is an alternative. .

Rolly Tasker Sails

DG Marine proudly supplies to Australia sails manufactured by one of the largest sailmakers in the world, Rolly Tasker Sails, a company with Australian origins, presently based in Thailand.


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