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Australian distributor of Rolly Tasker Sails


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Our range of Full Radial Standard Spinnakers  in either  asymmetric or symmetric design offer the most cost effective downwind sail available today and when coupled with our snuffer provide easy handling and sail control.     You have the choice of any three colours for your new spinnaker which are made using the highest quality materials and finished in true




We also offer custom made Tri radial or Radial Head spinnakers designed to the characteristics of your boat and sailing conditions.   A fast racing boat uses a flatter sail with smaller shoulders than a cruising boat that would have a fuller and more forgiving sail.     For our more competitive customers we also offer a range of spinnaker turtles for off the rail hoists.    Call us to discuss which spinnaker design is best suited to your needs. Rolly Taker standard – perfect!


Full radial spinnaker


Our spinnakers socks are designed to eliminate the hassles associated with handling downwind sails and make hoisting and dousing really simple.   The sock has a full length stripe so you can check there are no twists and the control line is in a separate internal pocket.  We recommend the sock be about a meter shorter than the leech of a symmetric spinnaker and about the same length as the leech of an asymmetric.     Over the years we have perfected this product and like everything from the loft it is painstakingly made.


Spinnaker bag

Because of the sail's rounded shape and colourful material, spinnakes resemble a parachute and therefore are often called a "chute".

In Australia, they are often referred to as a "kite" because of the way they fly out in front of the boat.Although some older spinnakers are of crosscut construction, most modern spinnakers use radial or tri-radial construction. Because the spinnaker is only attached to the boat at three corners, all the stress radiates into the sail at these points. With a tri-radial sail, the stress is along the seams instead of across them, making a stronger sail and minimizing stretch and distortion.

Spinnakers come in two styles – the symetrical spinnaker primarily used for more dead down-wind sailing and the asymetrical spinnaker which is used when reaching or broard reaching.

We offer a comprehensive range of options for all of our spinnakers including sail numbers, racing box bags and spinnaker socks.






Marine Insurance

Welcome to our Marine Insurance section. As agents for Third Party only as is required by Marina operators is available.

Full Comprehensive Cover which includes Third Party is an alternative. .

Rolly Tasker Sails

DG Marine proudly supplies to Australia sails manufactured by one of the largest sailmakers in the world, Rolly Tasker Sails, a company with Australian origins, presently based in Thailand.


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