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Conventional Spinnakers

Rolly Tasker symmetrical spinnakers are the ideal downwind sail for the weekend sailor, long passage maker or serious racer. They are computer designed and cut, and hand finished to ensure precision shaped panels, strength, durability and ultimate performance. At Rolly Tasker Sails we manufacture symmetrical spinnakers in two designs.


Our radial head symmetrical spinnaker ideally suited to the cruiser looking for durability, great value and all-round performance.

It is designed with radial head panels and horizontal lower panels and comes complete with a large spinnaker bag. We can supply your new spinnaker in a comprehensive range of exciting colours and designs.


Our symmetrical  tri- radial design spinnaker uses a multi-panel design allowing for more precise alignment of loads while the increased number of panels enables the use of three dimensional shaping creating the optimum shape with reduced seam loads.  At the corners of the sail we use fanned radial patches which minimize weight and spray glued reinforcements for maximum bonding surface area and smoothness.

Naturally, they come standard with stainless steel rings, large sail bags and your choice of colours and designs.

Asymetrical Spinnakers

Known as a Gennaker or MPS, an asymmetrical spinnaker is a spinnaker with a luff that is longer than the leech thereby making it possible to fly without a spinnaker pole making it much easier to handle than a traditional spinnaker.

For this reason asymmetrical spinnakers are widely used amongst cruising boats though they are also a key sail in a racer’s wardrobe to maximise off-wind performance. When combined with a spinnaker sock the asymmetrical spinnaker becomes a sail that can be used single or short-handed under most conditions.

At Rolly Tasker Sails we manufacture asymmetrical spinnakers in two designs.


radial head 1

This is the ideal all-round off-wind sail for optimal cruising and is sure to become one of the most versatile and enjoyable sails in your wardrobe which can be used without a spinnaker pole. It is designed with radial head panels and horizontal lower panels for off the wind sailing in all conditions and is easily handled by short handed crew. The sail comes complete with large spinnaker bag, spectra tack pennant with high quality s/s clip and deck shackle.

Just add a sheet, hoist it on a halyard and you’re sailing.


tri radial
Useing a multi-panel tri-radial design allows for more precise alignment of loads, while the increased number of panels enables the use of three dimensional shaping, creating the optimum flying shape with reduced seam loads.   
We use fanned radial patghces at the corners which minimize weight and spray glued reifromcments for maximum bonding area and smoothness.


They come standard with stainless steel rings, large sail bags and your choice of colours and designs.

Some Technical Facts about Asymmetrical Spinnakers

With a luff that is longer than the leech, the asymmetrical spinnaker is designed to sail with the apparent wind on the beam of the boat rather than from directly behind, as is the case with a symmetrical spinnaker.

With a round entry, the maximum beam being forward of the midpoint and a flatter exit, the Asymmetrical Spinnaker directs the power forward instead of sideways – hence creating boat speed rather than heeling.

At Rolly Tasker Sails we design your asymmetrical spinnaker according to the characteristics of your boat and the conditions under which it sails. A very fast racer uses a rather flat sail with smaller shoulders for high speed and tight apparent wind angels. A cruiser, or for a boat that doesn’t build that much apparent wind, would use a fuller sail with larger shoulders and wider mid girth, which in turn is more forgiving, allowing the luff to curl quite a bit before collapsing.

In addition to taking into account your halyard exit to deck and J measurements, our Asymmetrical Spinnakers are designed around a measurement of sail midgirth as a % of footgirth and typically range from around 70% for high speed to 90% for ultimate cruising.


Marine Insurance

Welcome to our Marine Insurance section. As agents for Third Party only as is required by Marina operators is available.

Full Comprehensive Cover which includes Third Party is an alternative. .

Rolly Tasker Sails

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